About Us

Founded in 1920 by Mr Harry Harrison the first generation of the Harrison family in textiles, the original business was started on Vicar Lane in Bradford, after he decided to leave W.M.Fison Ltd and try his hand at running his own business.

Prior to the war Mr Arthur Harrison (Harry’s Son) joined the company, he was required to work at the Avro Aircraft Factory during the war so the company was closed temporarily.

After the war the business became a ‘Limited Company’ and moved  to the Liberal Club Premises in Burley-in-Wharfedale, hence the Harrisons (Burley) Ltd.

From it’s beginning the company had always had a 100% home trade customer base, right up until Mr John Harrison joined the company in the early 1960’s. He was made Managing Director due to the premature death of his father Arthur. He decided that the clothiers in Leeds were reducing rapidly, therefore decided to sort new markets abroad. Firstly in the Far East, mainly Singapore.

The companies export percentage grew immensely and expanded overseas into the Middle Eastern regions after a successful initial visit by John Harrison, our presence in this region continued to grow.

The 1990s saw the arrival of Mr Richard Harrison (John’s Son) his arrival resulted in a consolidation in the Far Eastern markets, in Hong Kong and the expansion into the Japanese market.

Harrisons have always had a presence in the UK market since its founding, but have recently gained a revival in home trade with increased trade with garment manufacturers, clothiers and merchants.

Mr James Harrison (Richard’s Son) joined the company in 2011. He has pushed the company into the modern era with a ever improving website, online shop and a very successful ebay page ‘Qualityenglishfabric’. This has resulted in the company having a much larger online presence.

Mr John Harrison has part retired since the mid 2000’s but has maintained Managing Director status. Richard Harrison is now in charge of the day to day business activity and Middle Eastern business trips.