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Welcome, Harrisons (Burley) Ltd are worsted cloth manufacturers based in West Yorkshire England, in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We are an independent family owned company that still to this day uses the original traditions and expertise to continue to produce exceptional English cloth. Our fabric is woven in Huddersfield, the world famous town is renowned for producing the worlds finest fabrics. ‘Made In Huddersfield England’ is known world wide for its exceptional quality worsted cloth. To this day royalty, celebrities and successful business people looking for a bespoke tailored suit buy British. This is down to the high level of quality gone into every length of fabric.

The name Harrisons Burley is well known in the Middle East for producing specially constructed fabric for the unique climate. This contributes to our 70% export, 30% home trade split in our turnover, we have to manufacture a wide range of cloths to service these markets. These being:

> Light and heavy weight fabric for Middle Eastern clientele

> Barathea and Panama cloths for Clerical customers – 100% Wool & Polyester/Wool

> Full Ranges of Wool and Wool/Cashmere suiting fabric for UK based cloth merchants

> Tonic Fabric, including our hugely popular Two Tone shades (Wool/Kid Mohair & Polyester/Wool/Mohair) for UK clients

> Offer four stock supported ranges; these can be bought in cut lengths or bulk:

-Pioneer – Superfine All Wool Suiting Flannel Fabric

-Exquisite – Super 130s All Wool Suiting Fabric

-Ultimate – Super 160s Wool/Cashmere Suiting Fabric.

-We have just added a fourth range, Donegal Tweed with stunning multi colour flecks.

> We also sell many famous named brands on our ebay shop. Along with 100% Pure Cashmere’s and Tweed.